From Alpha to Beta to Awesome and Beyond

Big news today Mixsee Pioneers, we’re officially out of alpha phase and into beta. What does this mean? Well, first it means you’re one of the cool kids for knowing us before anyone else. It also means that all our main features are working the way they should and we can turn our focus on the Mixsee community, and bring you inspiring Mixsee content from some exciting partners. If you have any content or content partners you would like to see on Mixsee, drop us a line.

In other (big) news today, you can now create a Mixsee account without signing in through Facebook. That’s right, we’ve got our own, genuine sign in process now in addition to being able to sign in with Facebook Connect. You asked for it, and we heard you. Creating a new account with Mixsee is still just as simple (and secure), but now you have options.

Thanks for helping us get to this milestone and as always, happy mixing.

Share Your Way Around…From Anywhere

We’re excited to announce that mobile mixsee creation is finally live! Mixsee was made to be mobile, both to use and to create, and now you can make a mixsee on any smart phone or tablet.

That’s right, you can create and edit your mixsees from anywhere…like here, here or even here. You can drop a pin from the spot you’re in, add a video from the spot it was recorded, add images right as they’re taken and edit any of your mixsees on the go.

The ability to add/edit locations and text is available on all mobile devices and video and image uploads are available on all Android devices and on all Apple devices with iOS 6 and higher. Plus, there’s no need to download an app because all the uploads are being handled in browser. No mobile audio uploads yet (but we’re working on it). Until then, happy mixing…from anywhere.