Mixsee Made Better

Great news on the Mixsee front! We’ve made some new improvements that make Mixsee even more customizable and easier to share. Check it out:

Personalization Options

Now you can change the color or background of your Mixsee homepage, links and more with just a couple of clicks in the Settings menu. Choose from a wide color palette or upload your own image. It’s a simple way to make your Mixsees stand out and carry your personality.

Settings Page

Embed With Ease

It’s easier than ever to share your Mixsees or any other Mixsees that strike your fancy. Simply click “Share” and you’ll find a convenient Embed code that you can copy into blog posts, web code and more! Mixsee seamlessly appears wherever you embed it – so no more having to copy and paste hefty URLs.

Share Widget

We’re constantly at work trying to improve the Mixsee experience – and more is on the way! In the meantime, keep up the great work, Mixers! And remember to drop us a line with any ideas, feedback or anything else that might be on your mind.

Don’t just sit there…Try the new features for yourself!

Start Embedding Today

Hey there, Mixers. We’re testing out a new feature and we’re really excited for you to try it out. You can officially embed Mixsees onto your website, right here, right now.It’s super easy! All you have to do is:

  1. Copy and paste the following code into your site:
  2. <div style=”height:750 overflow:auto; “>
    <iframe src=”http://mixsee.com/tour/4f71debf300e2c3a1f000647″ width=”960″ height=”740″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

  3. Replace the URL in the code above (http://mixsee.com/tour/4f71debf300e2c3a1f000647) with the URL of the Mixsee you’re embedding.
  4. Update the container height in both the div and iframe tags to best fit your webpage. The div height should be 10 pixels larger than the iframe height.
  5. Adjust the width in the iframe tag. If your site is responsive, we suggest using 100% for the width.

Mixsees can be any size, though we recommend the following:

  • 960px width by 740px height for desktop and tablet
  • 320px width by 600px height for mobile

Instead of directing traffic away from your site, your audience can view your Mixsee guides and tours right on your webpage. It’s instant, it’s personal, and it’s even more shareable. So go test it out!

As always, your feedback is essential to the evolution of Mixsee, so drop us a line when you have a question, concern, or new feature idea. We’d also love to hear where you’re putting these Mixsees on your site, so let us know!

Embed away, Mixers.

Faster, Easier, and More Personalized

We hope you enjoy the latest Mixsee release. Your feedback has lead to some solid updates in the UX and design.

First, you have to check out the new Mixsee creation tool. Just click on “Create”. We’ve streamlined the experience with a cleaner and more intuitive interface. We completely re-built the user flow and reworked the code, applying a truly mobile-first approach to make it work seamlessly across platforms and devices. For you responsive web design geeks, take a look. It’s a pretty robust functional experience built in RWD. And it’s a lot more fun, too.


We also added sharable MEMBER pages that include your own sub-domain. Ours is mcdpartners.mixsee.com.   So now mixers can reach their audiences with personalized links.

Lastly, it’s a whole lot faster. That’s always kind of the deal with every new release — looking for ways to improve performance.

Again, we’d love to hear from you. So go kick the tires, make some mixes, and share your way around.

Samsung Daily Mix: How to Mix a Live Event

Every year players from across the interactive industry gather in Austin, Texas to network and discuss the latest technologies and innovations. SXSW is a massive, high profile conference and festival packed with hundreds of talks, presentations, meet ups, and parties. In 2013, over 30,000 visitors came to pow wow about the future of interactive.

As a leader of the electronics industry, Samsung wanted to stand out from the crowd and make a splash. The idea was to provide a digital insider’s guide to help visitors navigate the festival and make the most of Austin.  Smart, flexible, and agile, the Mixsee platform gave Samsung the perfect solution. They were able to craft and curate a smart, meaningful experience of the conference while positioning themselves as an insider and top innovator of the game. Every day visitors would look to Samsung, as the go-to destination for tips and advice on the best events, parties, and things-to-do in the city.

Samsung Daily Mix

Mix it Like Samsung
The Mixsee platform is designed to be flexible and highly customizable. You can update colors, fonts, header images, and more to reflect your brand and give it a unique voice and identity. Samsung could easily re-imagine Mixsee as the Daily Mix – a new digital experience that speaks directly to the Samsung brand. To generate awareness and drive deeper engagement with the product, Samsung even created a landing page optimized for an HD 1080 large screen TV, which was displayed in the Samsung Blogger Lounge. Located in the heart of downtown Austin, the lounge was a key networking spot for influencers, celebrities and CEOs, giving the Daily Mix a highly visible stage to extend its reach.

Blogger Lounge

Keeping it Real-Time
A team of industry insiders and Austin locals curated a wide range of smart tips and insider guides for the Daily Mix. Every day visitors could go to the site for handy intel on transport, recommended events and parties, and even fun lifestyle guides like Eat, Drink, & Play Like an Austin Hipster or Best Austin Getaways.

In order to keep the content fresh, a team of scouts were scouring the conference for relevant updates, giving the Daily Mix an authentic, real-time, boots-on-the-ground P.O.V. At a busy conference like SXSW, these updates were super helpful. It’s no surprise users spent an average of 4+ minutes engaging with the most popular Daily Mix postings.

Eat, Drink, & Play Like an Austin Hipster Mixsee

A Seamless Experience Anywhere
Mixsee was built using responsive design, making it easy to display the Daily Mix across all screen sizes. As users loaded content on their personal phones, tablets and PCs, they were treated to a blazing fast web experience tailored for their device. A great mobile web experience ensured anyone could use the Daily Mix, anywhere – all with no app required.

A Seamless Experience Anywhere

Social APIs Galore
Mixsee was built on an open API, making it easy for brands to pull in content that lives on the platform. For example, the two Samsung TVs at the Samsung Blogger Lounge used the API to pull in the Daily and Weekly Mixees. It also leveraged Twitter and Instagram’s APIs to pull in tweets and images, which helped keep the Mixsee content relevant and timely.

Social APIs

Fun Facts
Most popular mix by visitors:
Eat, Drink & Play Like an Austin Hipster

Most popular stop by time:
Quick Bites: Grab-and-Go Food

Most useful mix (selected by John Caruso, Partner and Creative Director of MCD):
Keep Austin Weird

Mixing SXSW with Samsung

Mixing SXSW With Samsung

SXSW is finally here and Mixsee is hitting the scene with Samsung! The SXSW Interactive Festival can be overwhelming with all the conferences, after parties and lets not forget the food. So how do you navigate it all? Samsung’s DailyMix powered by Mixsee! So, check out the DailyMix, your guide to SXSW 2013. Also be sure to stop by the Samsung TechSet Blogger Lounge to chat with celebrity bloggers and see that days top DailyMixes.

New Release, New Design, New Navigation, and Some Really Big News!

Mixsee Homepage Marquee

While we have been a bit lazy on updating the blog (and getting a lot of grief about it from Ashton) we have been absolutely jamming on Mixsee.com. The team has steadily been applying our findings from user testing to inform our latest iteration – just out today.

So what is new? For starters we’ve updated the overall graphic design with a lighter, brighter, cleaner look to let your content shine on every device.

We also updated the navigation into a single bar (on desktop), rolling all user settings and features under your username (and we added authors’ member photos to all the Mixsee listings). On mobile we’ve cleaned up the navigation and increased the type size so people of all ages can read it!

Mobile users will notice changes to how Mixsees display on their phones. These changes were largely based on testing and a whole bunch of things that really bugged us but we hadn’t gotten around to dealing with!

On the backend we’ve also been busy. You may notice that Mixsee is faster. We have been focusing on resolving any performance issues, and that part is actually incredibly interesting – we could dedicate an entire post just about those things (only I couldn’t write it). Additionally we’ve pulled back from allowing users to sign in using Facebook right now (this was something we relied on for our alpha release in September). This has more to do with future plans we have for Mixsee and some upcoming features just around the corner.

Ok, so speaking about what is coming up. Here is the news. Mixsee is going to SXSW next week for the annual interactive festival. Yes, Mixsee is going to nerd prom. No, we’re not throwing a party or having street teams desperately handing out swag. We’ll be using Mixsee to power a campaign for a major consumer brand. You will have to stay tuned to find out about that.

That’s it for now. Thanks for coming by, and as always Happy Mixing!

Happy Belated New Year, Mixers.

MCD 2013

We wanted to take time to thank all of our beta testers for the great feedback we’ve received in 2012. Before looking to the year ahead, we spent just a little time to catch our breath and look back at how much we actually accomplished this past year.

Mixsee started out with humble beginnings as an agency contest, at MCD (Magnani Caruso Dutton). As internal projects go—it stalled twice (heartbreaking) and spiraled out of control at least 3 times (frustrating). But now after some late nights, a small fortune in office beer, and thankfully no fistfights, Mixsee is on its path to greatness.

In the course of events we’ve developed a great concept, done prototyping and user testing, built a robust API, customized account and profile settings, and built a responsive web design that helps anyone create their own custom tour right from their desktop, tablet, or smart phone—all with no app required. Not bad.

This January will be a busy one for us. First and foremost, we are making updates to the beta product based on usability testing and your notes. We are also prioritizing our releases for 2013. There are a lot of new functions on the way!

But most importantly, we want to see how you use it. We are beginning to reach out to more partners and tell people that Mixsee exists! Fingers crossed, it should be an exciting year.

We would love to hear from you. So drop us a line or better yet make a Mixsee and share your way around. Just power it up on your phone, tablet or desktop, drop a pin and you are on your way.

Happy Mixing.

Calling all Mixsers: A Day of Mixsee Testing

If you’ve read some of our MCD blog posts, you know how important we think testing is… but it’s not just client work we like to throw in the lab.  We get extra geeked out about gathering learnings from some of our in-house projects, and we recently had an awesome day testing Mixsee Beta with MCD friends & family.

Each of our testers explored a completed Mixsee, browsed around, used search and filtering features to discover new adventures, and then created one of their own – and they did it all on both desktop and mobile devices.  Like it often does, testing confirmed some thoughts we already had on how to improve the UX (always a good sign that our thinking is on the right track!), and enlightened some new ideas on how to make it even better (also a good sign when your users get it), especially around clearer language and more labels.  When in doubt, it’s always language and labels.

For the most part though, we got confirmation that Mixsee WORKS; that there’s a whole huge range of user types and use cases out there – some we hadn’t even thought of – and we want to make Mixsee kick butt for all of them.  Luckily, we have an upcoming January release, which gives us a window of opportunity to put some of our testing results into play.  And as for some of the others, well, we’ll be working on those down the road.

The bottom line is that as much as we love having our staffers create Mixsees and share feedback with us, there is nothing like getting a product into the hands of your consumer and watching how it works.  We look forward to more Mixsee lab sessions to come.

Mixsee As You Go…

Great news for you mobile Mixsee makers, now making a mixsee on the go is easier than ever! When you create a mixsee on your mobile device, you now have the option of taking a picture or video as well as the option to upload them from your photo library, so you can mixsee in real time! We’ve also been busy eliminating another big round of bugs so the Mixsee machine is all tuned up for your holiday mixsee making. Plus, we’ve even got a brand spankin’ new mobile nav that puts all your mixsee making options right at your finger tips. Happy mixing!

Merrrry Mixsee Everyone!

Maybe it’s the decorations up all over the city, or that Mariah Carey song playing in every store, restaurant and bar or maybe it’s even seeing this holiday adventure, but this year the holiday bug has bitten hard – and I like it. So in an effort to spread some of the season’s spirit, I give you the first ever Mixsee Holiday Gift guide, with a perfect mixsee for everyone on your list.

For the Fashionista:

1.WillyB's Vintage 2.Beyond Grunge 3.Bazaar Provincetown

1. WillyB’s Vintage
2. Beyond Grunge: The Best of Seattle Menswear
3. Bazaar Provincetown

For the History Buff:

4.'Za Battle of Brooklyn 5.Square to Square History Walk through the City 6.A Day Tour of New York’s Desolate-Glorious Maritime Past

4. ‘Za Battle of Brooklyn
5. Square to Square History Walk through the City
6. A Day Tour of New York’s Desolate-Glorious Maritime Past

For the Foodie:

7.Sushi 8.Magnifique Montreal Cuisine 9.Chinatown - What Your Guidebook Won't Tell You

7. Sushi
8. Magnifique Montreal Cuisine
9. Chinatown – What Your Guidebook Won’t Tell You

For the Cyclist:

10.Cytography (Cycling + Photography) in downtown Manhattan 11.Bike to NYC's Secret Beach, Get Crabs 12.Bike Ride to Nyack

10. Cytography (Cycling + Photography) in downtown Manhattan
11. Bike to NYC’s Secret Beach, Get Crabs
12. Bike Ride to Nyack

For the Nature Lover:

13.Get back to nature at the Elk Lake Lodge. 14.Leaf peeping in Vermont 15.Four Days in Portland, Maine

13. Get back to nature at the Elk Lake Lodge.
14. Leaf peeping in Vermont
15. Four Days in Portland, Maine

For the World Traveler:

16.Budapest in a Day 17.Ronda: Modern Romance in Spain's Oldest Town 18.Essential Buenos Aire

16. Budapest in a Day
17. Ronda: Modern Romance in Spain’s Oldest Town
18. Essential Buenos Aire

We also have mixsees covering everyone from the movie buff to the music lover to the zombie attack survivalist and even to the planespotter (seriously, we have the planespotter covered). Happy holidays mixers!