Happy Belated New Year, Mixers.

MCD 2013

We wanted to take time to thank all of our beta testers for the great feedback we’ve received in 2012. Before looking to the year ahead, we spent just a little time to catch our breath and look back at how much we actually accomplished this past year.

Mixsee started out with humble beginnings as an agency contest, at MCD (Magnani Caruso Dutton). As internal projects go—it stalled twice (heartbreaking) and spiraled out of control at least 3 times (frustrating). But now after some late nights, a small fortune in office beer, and thankfully no fistfights, Mixsee is on its path to greatness.

In the course of events we’ve developed a great concept, done prototyping and user testing, built a robust API, customized account and profile settings, and built a responsive web design that helps anyone create their own custom tour right from their desktop, tablet, or smart phone—all with no app required. Not bad.

This January will be a busy one for us. First and foremost, we are making updates to the beta product based on usability testing and your notes. We are also prioritizing our releases for 2013. There are a lot of new functions on the way!

But most importantly, we want to see how you use it. We are beginning to reach out to more partners and tell people that Mixsee exists! Fingers crossed, it should be an exciting year.

We would love to hear from you. So drop us a line or better yet make a Mixsee and share your way around. Just power it up on your phone, tablet or desktop, drop a pin and you are on your way.

Happy Mixing.

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