Mixsee Made Better

Great news on the Mixsee front! We’ve made some new improvements that make Mixsee even more customizable and easier to share. Check it out:

Personalization Options

Now you can change the color or background of your Mixsee homepage, links and more with just a couple of clicks in the Settings menu. Choose from a wide color palette or upload your own image. It’s a simple way to make your Mixsees stand out and carry your personality.

Settings Page

Embed With Ease

It’s easier than ever to share your Mixsees or any other Mixsees that strike your fancy. Simply click “Share” and you’ll find a convenient Embed code that you can copy into blog posts, web code and more! Mixsee seamlessly appears wherever you embed it – so no more having to copy and paste hefty URLs.

Share Widget

We’re constantly at work trying to improve the Mixsee experience – and more is on the way! In the meantime, keep up the great work, Mixers! And remember to drop us a line with any ideas, feedback or anything else that might be on your mind.

Don’t just sit there…Try the new features for yourself!

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