New Release, New Design, New Navigation, and Some Really Big News!

Mixsee Homepage Marquee

While we have been a bit lazy on updating the blog (and getting a lot of grief about it from Ashton) we have been absolutely jamming on The team has steadily been applying our findings from user testing to inform our latest iteration – just out today.

So what is new? For starters we’ve updated the overall graphic design with a lighter, brighter, cleaner look to let your content shine on every device.

We also updated the navigation into a single bar (on desktop), rolling all user settings and features under your username (and we added authors’ member photos to all the Mixsee listings). On mobile we’ve cleaned up the navigation and increased the type size so people of all ages can read it!

Mobile users will notice changes to how Mixsees display on their phones. These changes were largely based on testing and a whole bunch of things that really bugged us but we hadn’t gotten around to dealing with!

On the backend we’ve also been busy. You may notice that Mixsee is faster. We have been focusing on resolving any performance issues, and that part is actually incredibly interesting – we could dedicate an entire post just about those things (only I couldn’t write it). Additionally we’ve pulled back from allowing users to sign in using Facebook right now (this was something we relied on for our alpha release in September). This has more to do with future plans we have for Mixsee and some upcoming features just around the corner.

Ok, so speaking about what is coming up. Here is the news. Mixsee is going to SXSW next week for the annual interactive festival. Yes, Mixsee is going to nerd prom. No, we’re not throwing a party or having street teams desperately handing out swag. We’ll be using Mixsee to power a campaign for a major consumer brand. You will have to stay tuned to find out about that.

That’s it for now. Thanks for coming by, and as always Happy Mixing!

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