From Alpha to Beta to Awesome and Beyond

Big news today Mixsee Pioneers, we’re officially out of alpha phase and into beta. What does this mean? Well, first it means you’re one of the cool kids for knowing us before anyone else. It also means that all our main features are working the way they should and we can turn our focus on the Mixsee community, and bring you inspiring Mixsee content from some exciting partners. If you have any content or content partners you would like to see on Mixsee, drop us a line.

In other (big) news today, you can now create a Mixsee account without signing in through Facebook. That’s right, we’ve got our own, genuine sign in process now in addition to being able to sign in with Facebook Connect. You asked for it, and we heard you. Creating a new account with Mixsee is still just as simple (and secure), but now you have options.

Thanks for helping us get to this milestone and as always, happy mixing.

Share Your Way Around…From Anywhere

We’re excited to announce that mobile mixsee creation is finally live! Mixsee was made to be mobile, both to use and to create, and now you can make a mixsee on any smart phone or tablet.

That’s right, you can create and edit your mixsees from anywhere…like here, here or even here. You can drop a pin from the spot you’re in, add a video from the spot it was recorded, add images right as they’re taken and edit any of your mixsees on the go.

The ability to add/edit locations and text is available on all mobile devices and video and image uploads are available on all Android devices and on all Apple devices with iOS 6 and higher. Plus, there’s no need to download an app because all the uploads are being handled in browser. No mobile audio uploads yet (but we’re working on it). Until then, happy mixing…from anywhere.

My Favorites, Your Favorites…Collect Them All!

So say you find a mixsee you like, and I don’t mean just like, you really like, like this mixsee. What do you do? Well first, stop blushing. Then, just click the gold star next to its title and just like that you’ve saved it to your My Favorites section, launched today. The My Favorites section is where you can see all the mixsees you want to keep track of—those you want to keep close at hand or want to save for later.

On a side note, for those of you who had trouble adding locations to your mixsees this week, we apologize. Google Maps changed its API and it was causing problems with ours too. It’s all better now though, so thanks for hanging in there and as always, happy mixing.

Just Launched – Browse and Search

Week number three brings two big updates to Mixsee: you can now browse and search all public mixsees! The Mixsee directory is where you’ll see all your public mixsees and those from the Mixsee community, in addition to the staff picks on our homepage. The list is small but growing fast and we’re so excited to finally be able to see all the great mixsees you’ve been mixing.

Of course as our list grows you’ll need an easy way to find the kind of mixsees you want to explore and we’ve got a robust search tool to help you out. You can search by keyword, by location and by 10 different categories. So go ahead and check out all the great mixsees out there. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to get out and explore with Mixsee in the real world, as well as make some more mixsees of your own to share. Happy mixing!

Profile Pages, Auto Saving and Favorites, Oh My

It’s been great week number 2 for Mixsee and we’re happy to have some big updates to announce. First up, you can now view the profiles of public users on Mixsee, and of course view your own. Just click on any profile name in a Mixsee and you’ll be able to see their bio, location and view all their public mixsees.

Another update you can access from the profiles pages is the ability to save your favorite mixsees by clicking on the star icon in the profile view. You can start collecting your favorites now, and next week you’ll be able to see them all in one place when we launch My Favorites and Directory views.

Lastly, we are extremely happy to announce that we’ve fixed that nasty auto save bug.  Now every time you make an edit, Mixsee will automatically save it. But as always, if you find this isn’t the case, please let us know. Your feedback is how we make Mixsee better for everyone, thanks for that.

Using Dates and Start Times in a Mixsee

To celebrate in our first new feature launch, we thought it would be a good time to share some of our favorite ways to use the date and start time function in a mixsee:

Group events – make customized mobile guides for events like weddings, class reunions, or pub crawls.

Personal, business and group travel – include travel itineraries along with flight, check in, reservation and meeting times with handy info like confirmation numbers. If you’re traveling without mobile access you can even download your mixsee to your phone (mixsee downloads coming soon).

Music, theater or film festivals – you can include location, dates and start times for each event along with audio clips, film trailers, artist information or show reviews.

Conferences – include start times and dates for conference events with information about the speakers and even upload a custom map of the event location (custom maps coming soon).

These are just a few examples, but what we’re really excited to see is what you use it for. Share how you’re using Mixsee and we may feature you on this blog. As always, keep up the great mixsee mixing.

Just Launched – Dates and Start Times

Our baby Mixsee has been live for one week and she’s already grown a whole new function. That’s right, we’re excited to announce the first of many functionality updates—you can now add dates and start times to any location. Use it for events, conferences, class schedules, festivals or any other events that take place at a certain time or date.

We’ve also improved the location search with predictive text and have been working furiously all week to catch and fix every bug we can find. Also, want to say thanks to everyone who has given us feedback so far, we know she’s not perfect but you’re helping us get her there. Keep up the great mixsee mixing!

Welcome Mixsee Pioneers

We’d like you to meet Mixsee. It’s a new, free tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and share mobile location guides. It’s also a passion project from the folks at Magnani Caruso Dutton who thought sharing your way around should be a lot easier and more fun too.

We’ve been working furiously to build the best, most robust publishing platform that lets anyone create and share engaging mobile experiences for any location and audience…and the fun has just begun.

This is where you come in. As one of our pioneering Mixsee mixers we invite you to put our tool to the test. Whether you want to create a walking tour, an event itinerary, a travel guide, a pub crawl or anything else, we’re excited to see how you share your way around with Mixsee.

We also need your help to make Mixsee better for everyone. It’s our first try at this, so there will be some bugs, bumps and hiccups until we have the full site up and running, and we hope you’ll share your feedback and suggestions as you go. Just click on the feedback tab on the right of your screen.

We’ll be launching more and more features over the next few months, which we’ll announce here. Until then we’re just really happy you’re with us. Ready to start sharing your way around?