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Hey there, Mixers. We’re testing out a new feature and we’re really excited for you to try it out. You can officially embed Mixsees onto your website, right here, right now.It’s super easy! All you have to do is:

  1. Copy and paste the following code into your site:
  2. <div style=”height:750 overflow:auto; “>
    <iframe src=”″ width=”960″ height=”740″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

  3. Replace the URL in the code above ( with the URL of the Mixsee you’re embedding.
  4. Update the container height in both the div and iframe tags to best fit your webpage. The div height should be 10 pixels larger than the iframe height.
  5. Adjust the width in the iframe tag. If your site is responsive, we suggest using 100% for the width.

Mixsees can be any size, though we recommend the following:

  • 960px width by 740px height for desktop and tablet
  • 320px width by 600px height for mobile

Instead of directing traffic away from your site, your audience can view your Mixsee guides and tours right on your webpage. It’s instant, it’s personal, and it’s even more shareable. So go test it out!

As always, your feedback is essential to the evolution of Mixsee, so drop us a line when you have a question, concern, or new feature idea. We’d also love to hear where you’re putting these Mixsees on your site, so let us know!

Embed away, Mixers.

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    Love this!

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